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Body Becoming: A Path to Our Liberation

The Seattle School of Theology and 心理学 welcomes Dr 罗宾 Henderson-Espinoza— Transqueer, Latinx public theologian, activist scholar—as they discuss their new book Body Becoming: Our Path to Liberation. Pointing to the increasing disconnection from our bodies and from one another, Body Becoming takes a critical look at which bodies count in this country and offers a vision for an embodied, inclusive democracy. Mixing memoir and faith, somatics theory and body practice, Dr. 罗宾 reveals embodiment as the primary place of deep wisdom, where culture shifts originate and materialize—and a better world becomes, as we too become.

At this campus and live-streamed event, Dr 罗宾 will be joined in conversation by Matthias Roberts, psychotherapist, 播客, 的作者 除了耻辱. 博士的副本. 罗宾’s book will be available for sale at the event and for pre-order March 29 from 书店.org and other online booksellers.

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罗宾 Henderson-Espinoza, PhD has been described in a myriad of ways: a scholar-activist, scholar-leader, 思想传播, 老师, public theologian, 伦理学家, poet of moral reason, and word artist. Among these ways of describing Dr. 罗宾, they are also a visionary thinker who has spent two decades working in the borderlands of church, 学院, & movements seeking to not only disrupt but dismantle supremacy culture and help steward the logic of liberation as a Transqueer Latinx. They enflesh a deep hope of collaborating in these borderland spaces where their work seeks to contribute to the ongoing work of collective liberation.  Dr. 罗宾 is the Founder of the Activist Theology Project, a Nashville based collaborative project that seeks to work with the dominant culture and produces curriculum at the intersection of scholarship and activism.  Dr. 罗宾 was named 1 of 10 Faith Leaders to watch by the Center for American Progress in 2018.  Dr. 罗宾 has been featured in fashion magazines and appeared on many different podcasts. As a scholar-activist, Dr. 罗宾 is committed to translating theory to action, so that our work in the borderlands reflect the deep spiritual work of transforming self to transforming the world. As the Founder of the Activist Theology Project, Dr. 罗宾 is committed to the work of social healing through public theology initiatives, and writes & creates both academic & other valuable resources, including digital resources. Dr. 罗宾 is a non-binary Transqueer Latinx and adult on the Autism spectrum who calls Nashville, TN回家. They are the author of Activist Theology, 2019, published by Fortress Press and the forthcoming book “Body Becoming: A Path to Our Liberation,” to be published by Broadleaf Press 2022.

发现博士. 罗宾·在线:; 推特: @irobyn; Instagram: @irobyn; or 脸谱网: / drirobyn.


Matthias Roberts is a psychotherapist, 播客, 的作者 除了耻辱: Creating a Healthy Sex Life on Your Own Terms. Matthias holds two master’s degrees, one in Theology & 文化 and one in Counseling 心理学 from The Seattle School of Theology and 心理学 where he is currently an Assistant Instructor as well as a Fellow at the Allender Center. 主机的 Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being, Matthias writes and speaks nationwide about the intersections between gender, 性, 心理健康, 和神学. His newest book, Holy Runaways: Finding Home in a Shattered Faith will release in Fall 2023.