Some of us here at The 西雅图 School play outside a lot…a whole lot. When there is swell (和 we have money for gas), some of us like to surf. When the snow has melted in the mountains, some might even go for 长途背包旅行. 和, 随着冷, 黑夜的冬天统治, a few of us might grab 雪鞋s 和 warm winter camping gear for some snow camping.

An absolutely amazing fact about living in 西雅图 is that you can drive three hours in any direction 和 be in completely different environments with so many possible activities. Even if you don’t have multiple days to explore 和 seek out solitude, you can still head 30-45 minutes out of town 和 be on a trail or by the water. Below are a few of our favorite places for adventures 和 activities in the greater 西雅图 area, including the approximate drive time 和 direction from 西雅图.


难以置信的是,届ere are three national parks within three hours of downtown 西雅图. 北卡斯卡德国家公园 (2.东北25小时)提供了一个崎岖的, mountainous region with a multitude of hidden high mountain lakes 和 stunning valleys.

奥林匹克国家公园 (西、西北3小时) is host to some of the most eco-diverse l和 in the state, so you’ve got multiple options for what kind of environment you’d like to spend time in. Over half of the coastline of Washington State is inside the park boundary, 提供潮池, 海滩上探索, 和伟大的冲浪. To the southwest is the Hoh rainforest, with old-growth forests covered in mosses in nearly every shade of green, 和 which sees over 140 inches of rain per year. 它也是 the quietest place in the United States, so if you need a place to escape the noise of the city, look no farther! The north end of the park gives you access to Hurricane Ridge, a popular place in the winter to cross-country ski, 雪鞋, 或者去滑雪.

还有一个宝石, Mt. 雷尼尔山国家公园 (2小时). On days when the clouds have dispersed, 西雅图 has an absolutely imposing 和 awe-inspiring view of the mountain that can almost make it seem like she is watching over the city. 在夏天, you can day hike or overnight hike on the Wonderl和 trail that circumnavigates the mountain 和 spans 93 miles. In the winter, you can visit the popular sledding 和 雪鞋ing area of Paradise.


If snow sports are your thing, there are three ski resorts within one or two hours. If you’re from somewhere like Colorado, know we use the term “resort” loosely—more accurately they might be called “ski areas.” Snow in the PNW is notoriously wet 和 heavy, but we ski it anyway! 斯诺夸尔米通过 is the closest resort to 西雅图, but this also means it is the most crowded. 水晶 下一个最近的旅游胜地是哪里. You can also ride the gondola year-round 和 get a fantastic view of Mt. 雷尼尔山. 史蒂文的传球Mt. 贝克 are a couple more local favorites, though they do require a little bit more of a drive.

If cross-country skiing or 雪鞋ing piques your interest, each of these resorts offer ski 和 shoe rentals, or you can rent in the city 和 drive out to any of the national parks or 当地的轨迹.


西雅图 is surrounded by the Salish Sea, also known as the Puget Sound. It’s a great place for flat-water 皮划艇 or paddleboarding,但对于冲浪来说并不理想. The most accessible surf breaks in Washington state are three hours away in the small communities of 西港海洋海岸. You can rent equipment (5mm wetsuit, 手套, 靴, 和 board) at one of the surf shops in town 和 then drive five minutes down the road to the beach. 在夏天 months, the beach can be a great place to relax with a good book. The water temperature rarely rises above 60 degrees, but some brave souls can still be seen swimming in the Sound each summer!


黄金城集团还想强调一下 西雅图的公园系统, which is by far one of the greatest attributes of the city. No matter what neighborhood you live in, you will be in walking distance to a great park space! Each park has different amenities to offer, so take the time to figure which park will be your go-to for different activities. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite spots by category. We know you will find your own favorites, 和 hope you can savor all the time you get to spend in them.




公园 with options for swimming, paddle boarding/canoeing, getting sun, etc.


公园 with hiking trails, running/walking paths, bike lanes, etc.


For those of you who are not local to 西雅图, let us 和 your fellow incoming students know of some of your favorite spots in your town on the 2021 脸谱网 cohort page!